Fresh & Simple

Today, I walked into the vegetable garden determined to find dinner. Dug up some potatoes, harvested the last of the peas. Gathered lettuce, cut chives, picked blueberries. Inside, munched on peas. Marinated fresh Pacific salmon in soy sauce and maple syrup, then barbecued on cedar plank. Parboiled then tossed the potatoes with rosemary, sea salt and olive oil.  Roasted in oven till crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. Yum. Gently tossed the leaves with the chives and a buttermilk-based Caesar dressing. Served with homemade challah. Finished with blueberry cobbler, chocolate cake (courtesy of Dad) and thanks to the universe for this bounty.


One thought on “Fresh & Simple

  1. OK, that’s it, I’m moving to Vancouver – it just sounds so delicious at your house. Can I be one of your twits?

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