Go Stuff Yourself

make-bread-stuffing-200X200I have been making the same Thanksgiving stuffing since 1985. I was fresh out of college, living on my own in Toronto, and terribly excited that a close friend in New York was coming up for American Thanksgiving. I wanted to do her holiday proud, and the stuffing seemed ridiculously easy (well, except for the mincing parsley part), so I made it. I’ve been making it pretty much every year ever since. (This stuffing is the reason I bought a food processor; mincing copious amounts of parsley is torture.) It’s a stovetop stuffing; the only thing I ever put into my bird is chopped carrot, celery, apple and onion. It’s been adapted over time (g’bye, butter), but the essence is here, and dang, it’s still good.

Whole Wheat, Leek and Parsley Stuffing

adapted from Bon Appetit, November 1985

Makes about 2 quarts

3/4 cup olive oil

6 large leeks (white to green-white only), coarsely chopped

1-1/2 pounds day-old whole wheat bread, sliced/ripped into 1/2-inch pieces

1-1/2 cups chicken or vegetable stock

3 eggs, beaten to blend

2-1/4 cups minced Italian parsley (save yourself hardship and mince in a food processor)

2 teaspoons salt or to taste


Heat oil in heavy, large skillet over medium-low heat. Mix in leeks. Cover and cook until tender, stirring occasionally (about 15 minutes). Transfer to large bowl and let cool. Add bread to leeks. Mix stock and eggs, and pour over bread (use more stock if mixture seems dry). Stir in parsley, salt and lots of pepper. Place in baking pan, cover with foil and 35-40 minutes before serving, heat in 350-degree oven. (Stuffing can be prepared 1 day ahead. Cover tightly and refrigerate.)


2 thoughts on “Go Stuff Yourself

  1. I LOVE stuffing…it’s my favorite part of the entire meal…and I never eat it unless it’s Thanksgiving…sad I’m not Canadian…REALLY sad after reading that recipe…

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