Climbing day

Monday we drove into Italy. S’okay. Not as lush as the French side. Day headed downhill (literally and figuratively) in Sanremo when we realized we didn’t have a ticket for the toll station: 75 euros. Da-ding! Decided to crawl along the Mediterranean to Bordighera. Real beach town. After truly unsatisfying socca, headed back up into the hills to Dolceacqua to climb to the remains of a 10th-century castle perched on a rocky spur. Quite a hike through the medieval village at its base. Girl Twit made clear her objection to this Stairmaster-worthy climb. But the panting was worth it. Back on French soil, we drove along the High Corniche to Eze. The curvy road was practically deserted, so we were shocked to reach the base of this most spectacular of village perchés to find it overrun with cars and tour buses. Decided to torture Girl Twit with another steep climb through the ancient village, but it wasn’t as bad this time, as Eze is one of the most popular tourist stops on the Riviera, and there were shops to peek into and cafés to rest at all the way up.


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