Gourdon or bust

Wednesday, the day began pleasantly for Girl Twit in St Paul de Vence with warm-from-the-oven pain au chocolat. But it went downhill from there (well, make that uphill) as we walked from Bar-sur-Loup to Gourdon. See the tip of the mountain in the shot at left? That’s where we were headed, and this photo was taken from the trail. At first it was lovely, meandering through forest, butterflies fluttering all round us, almost leading the way, but after about 30 minutes, the ascent began, and it was relentless. In 34º heat. Girl Twit expressed her unhappiness in no uncertain terms. Well. Okay. She had a point. But Chief Twit and I were determined to get to Gourdon. It wasn’t pretty, but we eventually crawled our way up for a grapefruit ice reward. We are all exhausted. Although my butt is thanking me. And oh yeah. The village perché was charming.


2 thoughts on “Gourdon or bust

    • Good to hear from you, too, Suzanne. Hope all is well in Vancouver. Will be returning Saturday. xs

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