In your face tomato soup

The Apple of Novi Sad tomatoes have ripened, the Red Russian and Music garlic have been pulled and dried out, the bell peppers are blushing red (and orange). Yesterday we threw them together for a bold tomato soup. Talk about drama. This was not a soup one danced around, savoring a delicate mingling of flavours. Nah. These flavours were loud, ripe and bursting with pride, and announced themselves with a Kapow! in our mouths––a barrage of hot, sweet, sour and very, very fresh. Try it yourself:

Brash Tomato Soup

Slice about 2 lbs of ripe-as-possible tomatoes in quarters, toss in food processor. Remove seeds of 2 small sweet red peppers, add to tomatoes. Peel and quarter 2 cloves fiery garlic, add to tomatoes and peppers. Tear off a handful of crusty bread and toss that in, too. Spoon about 2 tbsp of sherry vinegar over mix and add salt to taste. Blend. Thin with extra-virgin olive oil to taste. For presentation, add some chopped parsley. Serve with crusty bread and homemade butter, then sit down, buckle up and prepare for lift-off.


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