These are a few of The Boy’s favorite foods

The Boy reaching for last cuke during hot game of cribbage

I’m interested: what are some of your kids’ favourite foods? Just list ’em in the comments section.

To start things off, here are The Boy’s Top 20, in alphabetical order:

  1. Bacon, because let’s face it, everything goes better with bacon.
  2. Bananas, for the energy after a badminton workout.
  3. Blueberries, frozen and in two-cup doses.
  4. Chicken Vindaloo from Indian Oven.
  5. Chocolate chip cookie dough, which he makes, freezes into disks, then eats with his buddies.
  6. Chocolate pudding, made with whole milk, bittersweet chocolate and a titch of almond flavor, served with slightly sweetened mascarpone.
  7. Cucumbers, which he loves enough to grow his own.
  8. Eggs, sunny-side up, preferably accompanied with bacon (see above).
  9. Elk & bison sticks from Oyama Sausage Co. He’s fussy about this. No get Oyama, no eat sticks.
  10. Grapes. Always frozen, only organic.
  11. Lettuce. If it’s washed and there’s no cucumber, he’ll eat a whole head while playing cribbage with his dad.
  12. Milk, always whole and almost always with homemade chocolate syrup.
  13. NY strip steak, but only from Hopcott Meats unless he’s at Grandma’s.
  14. Onions, fried till caramelized, then slathered on any kind of burger.
  15. Pickles, homemade, for which he will happily peel the garlic.
  16. Rice. It’s gotta be short and brown, boiled, then tossed with olive oil and soy sauce, laid flat on a rimmed sheet and baked till crisp.
  17. Seedy crackers, most often with parsley pesto.
  18. See’s Candies chocolate cigars.
  19. Strawberries, only organic, and in as massive amounts as possible.
  20. Wild Pacific salmon marinated in soy sauce and maple syrup, then barbecued on a wooden plank.

Now, tell me about some of your kids’ favorite foods.


2 thoughts on “These are a few of The Boy’s favorite foods

  1. in season strawberries, raspberries, blueberries. Cheese, all but the sharpest. homemade applesauce, milk whole, chicken, rice with cauliflower sauce, Blueberries, peaches, plums. we call him a fruititarian.

  2. I like fruititarian. I thought The Boy was going to be a vegetarian because when he was old enough for meat, he wouldn’t touch chicken, no matter how we prepared it (mashed, cubed, in stock, etc). Then one day, he tried barbecued steak and his little fists couldn’t jam the pieces into his mouth fast enough. The rest is history. xs

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