It’s 5 pm. What’s to eat?

My family is hungry at 5 pm. They don’t care that dinner is technically at 7. At 5, they want food. (Unless I ask them to help prep. Then they make themselves busy trying to save the world, which according to The Boy is possible from his bedroom.)

Here are some snack foods to tide everyone over till the real deal, based what’s usually in our pantry and can be prepared within five minutes. The rules are that it has to taste good and is mostly virtuous.

  1. Yogurt, stirred with homemade granola and/or fruit and/or jam
  2. A big handful of roasted pistachio nuts still in their shells
  3. Cup of whole milk, with chocolate syrup and a titch of almond extract
  4. Cheddar cheese slices with Seedy Crackers (how many is based on daily activity, skilled negotiation and whining)
  5. Peanut butter or sunflower butter with said crackers (still a negotiation)
  6. Mildly curried tuna salad broiled with grated jack cheese served on yup, those crackers (they’re a big hit in our household)
  7. Pretty much as many celery sticks as desired
  8. Ditto slices of red, orange and yellow peppers
  9. Two cups frozen blueberries (they were frozen in 2-cup portions)
  10. And the all-time favourite: one slice of cinnamon whole-grain toast with milky tea. Two if you wash the romaine.

What’s on your list?


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