French Toast à la Best Ever


French Toast

This recipe will feed four somewhat hungry people (and one dog who likes to beg).

2 cups whole milk
6 eggs
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
12 slices of at least one-day-old bread (preferably two, and preferably challah), sliced about 3/4” thick

  1. Mix the milk, eggs, sugar and salt in a bowl or pie pan. Soak the bread in the mixture until it’s soft (you might have to turn it over). The secret is to make sure that the bread soaks up enough of the mix until it is just shy of soggy (wet, but not too wet so that it’ll fall apart).
  2. Cook the coated bread in a well-buttered frying pan at medium-low heat. Be patient. If the heat is too high, it’ll brown the outside before the inside is cooked through. We’re talking 7 to 10 minutes the first side, and 5 minutes the flipped side. This gives you time to set a table with warmed maple syrup, cinnamon sugar, softened butter, orange slices and hot chocolate.
  3. When ready, call the kids and eat up.

4 thoughts on “French Toast à la Best Ever

  1. Lucky you for having a husband that likes to cook. My husband is a great cook and I so look forward to when he says that he would like to prepare a meal.The French toast sounds great…I like mine dusted with powdered sugar and then dipped in our New England maple syrup.

    • Karen: My husband usually only likes to cook armed with curry and serious hot sauce, so aside from French toast, The Girl and I never eat his home cooking. He’s probably most infamous for making chocolate chip cookies with garlic butter. But we love him anyway. And I’ll bet your French toast tastes delish with New England maple syrup. Ours comes from nearbyQuebec. xs

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