Just done or just burned?

Fred’s not fussy. He eats pizza just done or just burned.

I was sitting with Alpha Dog the other day near our kitchen while a pizza baked away at an intensive 450 degrees. About 12 minutes in I caught a whiff and just knew that pizza was done. A glance at Alpha Dog made clear that he, despite his name, caught no whiff of anything. This conclusion was reinforced last night when Alpha Dog, charged with taking the pizza out of the oven when done, removed it only when it was brown enough to enter teeth-breaking territory.

Which brings me to the question: Can you smell the difference between just done and just burned?


2 thoughts on “Just done or just burned?

  1. I like to slip my pizza off the pan and give it a few last minutes directly on the rack – this to avoid keeping a pizza stone in my cupboard. So I need to smell something just before done. It usually works just fine without a timer, but if I’m distracted or trying to do too much, yes, teeth are in danger of being broken.

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