Fresh from the farm: bagels and chèvre

On the weekends late spring through early fall, I can be found at farmers markets. While I often pilgrimage to Kitsilano Farmers Market on Sundays due to a concentration of fruits, vegetables and honey, my favorite market hands down is the one at Southlands Heritage Farm.

Southlands Heritage Farm

For starters, the farm is two blocks away — it doesn’t get more local than that. And there are goats — if the chèvre was any fresher, it’d be bleating.

The Cob Oven

There’s even a cob oven on the grounds. Late last year there was a holiday market at the farm, and we could buy hazelnuts freshly roasted à  la cob, presented to us in newspaper cones. The charm of it! We devoured the nuts immediately. I understand there are pot-bellied pigs here, too, but I haven’t seen them yet. Or heard them, come to think of it.

What I like best about the market, though, is a recent addition. Bagels. And not just any kind. Montréal-style bagels. Who could have imagined that this Jewish classic would be featured at a market on a farm tucked deep in sleepy Southlands? (This district, while in the city, is pretty rural; horses legally trot its roads.)

My Fresh Market Bagels

These are my kind of bagels: chewy, thin, plus coated top and bottom in sesame seeds (I’ve banned The Boy and The Girl from eating these anywhere near the vicinity of the family room couch, which they have long considered the dining room table). They come from My Fresh Market in Coquitlam, and they’re at Southlands Heritage Farm because the baker grew up nearby and now lives in the neighborhood. He also sells exquisite ciabatta at the market, plus rye bread.

Not just anyone can shop at Southlands Heritage Farm. You have to be a card-carrying member of the Friends of Southlands Society. Cost for a yearly membership? $2. The market runs weekly on Sundays, July till sometime in the fall, 12-4 pm.


2 thoughts on “Fresh from the farm: bagels and chèvre

  1. Okay, I guess it rivals the Portland (Oregon) Farmer’s Market at PSU. I always thought that was your favorite but how can one do better than a two block walk? And beautiful bagels?!

  2. Nothing rivals the Portland Farmers Market. But it is a treat to walk two blocks for bagels!

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