Designing is a piece of cake for M.Robin

M.Robin Cake Design is based in Portland, Oregon, and does not have a storefront. I’m going to give it a huge shout-out, anyway.

Mood Swinging by M.Robin Cake Design

Mood Swinging

M.Robin stands for Marcella Robin, and I know her because Marcella has worked with my BF in various capacities (nanny, housekeeper, now part-time chef) for years. Aside from being calm, cool and droll, Marcella is a fabulous chef, particularly if you don’t eat grains, dairy, sugar, eggs or nightshades and creative chefery is required in the kitchen. (Some of you might be wondering if there’s anything left to eat after reading that list. There is.)

Wobble by M.Robin Cake Design


A few years ago, Marcella decided that it was time to take cake-baking seriously, and she lived in Vancouver, BC, for four months while earning a Professional Pastry/Bread diploma at the city’s Northwest Culinary Academy. Marcella would often join our family for dinner, and would always bring the results of her baking that day. My family ate her treats, and her drollness, up.

Speed Racer by M.Robin Cake Design

Speed Racer

Marcella’s real passion lies in cake baking, and not just any old cakes. As befitting a baker with a BA in sculpture, she blends her love for art and baking into entremet cakes, which feature layers of mousse, bavaroise, dacquoise, sponge cake, caramels, fruit and other fillings. If that description sounds complicated, all you have to know is that it tastes delicious.

Vintage by M.Robin Cake Design


More divine than the filling, though—the icing on the cake, so to speak—is the outer layer. Unlike frosting, Marcella doesn’t apply her original designs to the cake, but bakes them into the exterior sponge for a smooth and thoroughly unique-looking finish. She draws inspiration from everywhere, including linoleum and wallpaper patterns. And beavers.

Oregon is for Lovers by M.Robin Cake Design

Oregon is for Lovers

M.Robin has been written up in many magazines, both print and online, including The Atlantic (Is This the Best-Looking Cake on the Internet?). Even more delightful, though, is a short documentary by Cineastas, which feature Marcella’s brilliantly named cakes and Marcella herself. You must watch if only for her hilarious impression of her first boss. And her also perfect justification for dedicating her career to cake-baking. Marcella states a simple truth: “People are delighted by cake. They love it.”

M. Robin – Cake Design from Cineastas on Vimeo. Please watch. May you fall in love with Marcella and her cakes.

Snow Falling on River Rock by M.Robin Cake Design

Snow Falling on River Rock

You don’t have to live in Portland to eat up M.Robin Cake Design. You just need to get in touch with Marcella and start a conversation.


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